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Outward and return journeys have to be booked at the same time.The discount is subject to availability. The ticket is not refundable but can be modified
Children up to 4 years old travel free in the economic class. A 50% discount on children’s tickets up to 4 years for a bed (in all classes).
The discount applies to all categories except Deluxe cabins. The discount is valid only for vehicles category 1 and for motorcycles. The presentation of a valid student identity card is required, during ticket issuance as well as during check-in prior to boarding the vessel.
The discount applies for passengers who have reached 60 years of age and travel with or without their car for all classes. The discount is provided for passengers but not for vehicles using the "Camping All Inclusive" service. It is necessary to show a passport or ID card during the check in. The offer is valid all year round.
Garage space for your camper or caravan. Power supply. Accommodation in internal cabin. 30% discount on all meals and drinks served at the “à la carte” and self-service restaurants during the voyage. “All Inclusive Camping” service is valid all year round for “officially registered” Campers/Caravans. Campers - Caravans must be fully equipped with private facilities (sleeping area, kitchen and WC facilities). Conventional cars, minibuses or boats cannot benefit from the “Camping All Inclusive” service. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to use propane or any other gas on board. The offer applies for: CRUISE EUROPA and CRUISE OLYMPIA.








SUPER ECONOMY 20€ per person

The offer is valid in Economy class, for limited number of tickets, in Dodecanese routes (from/to Piraeus only).

No discounts are applicable.

Tickets must be issued upon booking.

These tickets cannot be cancelled or converted to open date tickets or for another hour or departure date or destination.

The ticket is issued in the passenger’s name, is personal and non transferable.

The "SUPER ECONOMY" category cannot be booked through the On-Line Booking System.



SPECIAL ECONOMY 20% per person

The offer is valid in Economy class, for limited number of tickets, in Dodecanese routes (from/to Piraeus only).

No discounts are applicable.

Tickets must be issued upon booking.

These tickets can be cancelled or converted to open date tickets (according to Company's cancellation policy) or for another departure date. In case that passengers wish to travel when the offer is not valid any more, they can change their tickets and pay the difference.

The ticket is issued in the passenger’s name, is personal and non transferable.

CABINS 15%-25% DISCOUNT in 2-berth & 3-berth Cabins

 The offer is valid, in Dodecanese routes (from/to Piraeus and in all Dodecanese intermediate routes), only in 2-berth and 3-berth outside and inside cabins (LUX, Α2, A3, AB2 & ΑΒ3).

These tickets can be cancelled or converted to open date tickets (according to Company's cancellation policy) or for another departure date. In case that passengers wish to travel when the offer is not valid any more, they can change their tickets and pay the difference.

 The discount is also valid per bed, in the specific types of cabins where it is allowed.

 The discount is already calculated in the reservations program.

SeaSmiles MEMBERS 20% DISCOUNT on passengers' fares

The discount is valid in Dodecanese routes (from/to Piraeus and in all Dodecanese intermediate routes), on all passengers' fares.

The discount is not valid in SUPER ECONOMY and SPECIAL ECONOMY.

This discount is not valid for Internet Bookings.

SeaSmiles MEMBERS 50% DISCOUNT on cars, for SeaSmiles members

 The discount is valid in Dodecanese routes (from/to Piraeus and in all Dodecanese intermediate routes), only on cars' fares.

This discount is not valid for Internet Bookings.




The offers apply to 4-berth cabins (A4 & AB4) on Dodecanese routes (from/to Piraeus and in all Dodecanese intermediate routes).
The offer is valid for reservations under the same reference number, in the same cabin.

The offers apply to:
a)  4 adults in Α4 or ΑΒ4 cabin
b)  3 adults and 1 child in Α4 or ΑΒ4 cabin
c)  2 adults and 2 children in Α4 or ΑΒ4 cabin

For internet bookings, the specific discount is calculated in "Step 5-Reservation Overview", before the completion of your reservation.


The discount is valid for International Student Identity Card (ISIC) holders, on all passengers’ fares (except LUX cabins), in Cyclades, Dodecanese and North East Aegean islands routes.

30% DISCOUNT on Greek domestic line tickets in combination with Greece-Italy tickets

The discount is valid only on the outbound leg of your Greek Domestic Lines tickets (Cyclades, Dodecanese, North East Aegean islands & Crete) and it is not cumulative with any other discounts. It is not valid on the return leg of your trip.

Valid in combination with a trip on the Adriatic Sea (Ancona, Bari & Venice).

Valid for passenger and vehicle fares (all categories, except busses & trucks).

- Children 5-10 years old: 50% discount
- Children 0-5 years old: Economy Class: Free, with the obligation to issue a zero fare ticket. Cabins: 50% discount.
- Bicycles: Free (no zero fare ticket is required).
- PET CABINS: Pet cabins cannot be booked through the On-Line Booking System.


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