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Passengers, their luggage and accompanied vehicles are carried subject to the International Treaties and Conventions, the Greek Private Maritime Code and the general conditions of carriage of the ΑΝΕΚ Lines or Superfast Ferries Vessels (hereinafter the "Vessel/Vessels") as these conditions (collectively referred to as "General Terms and Conditions") were determined by the Managers of the Vessels acting on behalf of the Ship Owners of the Vessels (hereinafter the Managers and the Ship Owners together referred to as "the Company").
These General Terms and Conditions include exclusions and limitations of carrier\'s liability for death, illness or for damage to or loss of vehicles and luggage or for delay or deviation. Copies of the General Terms and Conditions of carriage of the Company are available upon request.
Timetables – Fares:
Fares and timetables listed in this catalogue are based on conditions existing at the time of print. If any conditions should change after the time of print, the Company reserves the right to make changes in the timetable or to refrain from contractual obligations without prior notice. The Company, however, is not liable for any damages resulting thereof. In the event of an increase in fuel prices, currency fluctuation or other unforeseen circumstances, the Company reserves the right to change the fares without prior notice, and implement a fuel surcharge if necessary. The Company cannot be held liable for any delays caused by third parties, port authorities, or extreme and unusual weather conditions. On such occasions schedules are subject to change without prior notice. Arrival times quoted in the brochure indicate the time the vessel arrives at the entrance of the port. The fares quoted in the brochure include the sea transportation and the port fees.
Reservation Requirements:
In compliance with international SOLAS regulations and the European Law (Community Directive 98/41/ΕΚ dated on 18/06/1998), passengers are required to supply the following information at reservation: Name and Surname, Gender, Nationality, Date of birth, Contact phone number, Type and registration number of vehicle (if applicable). Passengers from non-European Union (and non-Schengen) countries are required to supply the following additional information: Passport number and expiry date, Visa expiry date (if required).
Ticket Validity:
Tickets are valid for one year from the date of issuance except for tickets that have restricted validity. A ticket is not transferable unless otherwise provided by law. The person allowed to travel is the person named on the ticket (passage contract). The Company reserves the right to request passengers to present valid
identification documents before travelling and will not be held liable if a passenger -other than the person entitled to travel under a ticket- who has presented to the Company identification documents -corresponding to the passenger named on the ticket has travelled and/or has been reimbursed.
Exchange Rate:
The fares of tickets purchased in other countries or onboard may differ due to fluctuations in the exchange rate.
Cancellations – Refunds
Cancellations can be made at the Travel Agency, Port Agency, Premium Sales Agent or at the offices of the Company where reservation and payment were made.
Depending on the time of cancellation in Ancona Line the following amounts are refunded (special offers excluded):

• A 100% refund, up to 14 days prior to departure.
• A 50% refund, from 13 days to 24 hours prior to departure.
• The Company has no obligation to refund in case of cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to ship's departure or if the passenger does not report at check-in.
Depending on the time of cancellation in Venice Line the following amounts are refunded (special offers excluded):

From July up to September
Up to 30 days prior to departure : 100% refund
Up to 7 days prior to departure : 80% refund
Up to 24 hours before departure : 50% refund
The Company has no obligation to refund in case of cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to ship's departure or if the passenger does not report at check -in

For all the other periods:
Up to 14 days prior to departure : 100% refund
Up to 7 days prior to departure : 80% refund
Up to 24 hours before departure : 50% refund

The Company has no obligation to refund in case of cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to ship's departure or if the passenger does not report at check -in. Passengers have the right to make their ticket OPEN with validity for one year from the date of issuance. If this ticket is cancelled, the date of rebooking is considered as date of cancellation and the refund is calculated in relation to the original travel date.

• In the event of a partial cancellation of a round trip of which the one crossing has been completed, the passenger will be charged a one way fare and will be refunded as above for the balance of the round trip fare. • In the event of a whole cancellation of a round trip, the passenger will be refunded as above (based on the time of cancellation). A request for refund must be made in writing and the actual refund may take place in a three month period after the last date of
travel. Cancellations and refunds can only be settled through the Travel Agency, Premium Sales Agent or offices of the Company, where tickets were issued. Port Agencies may cancel a ticket once check-in is finalized but not refund money. The Company is entitled to retain the total value of ticket if the passenger interrupts his voyage at an intermediate port, unless the  interruption is due to illness, accident or force majeure.
Open Return:
Open tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue. Passengers with an open return ticket must reserve their return journey well in advance through the Travel Agency, Premium Sales Agent, Port Agent or the offices of the Company, where reservation and payment were made. Open return fares are always calculated on the basis of the low season fare. In the event that a passenger travels in shoulder or high season or during a period in which a new tariff is in force, then the difference between the current and the pre-paid fare has to be paid by the passenger. The Company cannot always secure the reservation of the passengers on their desired travel dates or accommodation type. Alternative travel dates or accommodation types may be offered.
Lost Tickets:
In case of a lost ticket: a) The passenger must immediately notify the issuing Travel Agent, Premium Sales Agent, or the Company. b) The passenger bears the cost of the reissued ticket. Three months after the departure date, following verification that the relative ticket has not been used a full refund of a lost ticket takes place in Ancona Line from the issuing ticket office, and one free of charge open date ticket of equal value is granted in Venice Line.
Valid proof may be required by the Company for discounted fares:
(1) children up to 4 years old, (2) children between 4 and 12 years old, (3) senior citizens of 60+ years old, (4) youths up to 25 years old (5 ) members of automobile associations & camping clubs (Ancona route). Discounts should be claimed upon making the reservation. After the voyage, no fare may be refunded.
Unaccompanied Children:
The Company does not accept reservations for children under the age of 15 years old who are not accompanied by adults. Reservations for young people between 15 to 18 years old can be accepted upon specific written permission by the parental or legal guardian for the unaccompanied voyage. 
Passengers with special needs:
On board our Vessels there are specially designed cabins with easy access and operation to accommodate passengers with special needs. Due to a
limited number of such cabins it is necessary to reserve in advance. 
Onboard our vessels there are a number of kennels available, which are necessary to be booked in advance. Furthermore in Ancona Line,
(HELLENIC SPIRIT, SUPERFAST XI & SUPERFAST XII) there are a limited number of cabins available for pet carriage. It is also necessary to reserve these cabins in advance. Unaccompanied pets are not acceptable. Owners or guardians are required to have their pet's valid health documents with them while travelling (EU citizens are additionally required to have their EU Pet Passport) and follow all entry regulations. For all cats, dogs and ferrets valid rabies immunization document is mandatory. For more information, please always check with your veterinary and your local travel agent. Pets are not allowed indoors (bars, restaurants
and other public areas) or in vehicles (unless you have booked camping on board), while access to the vehicle deck is forbidden during crossings. When walking on the open deck, pets are required to wear muzzle and be on a leash, accompanied by the pet owner or guardian. The pet owner or guardian is held fully responsible for the care, safety and hygiene of the pet and for adhering to all laws and regulations related to the above. Furthermore, pet owners are solely responsible for any possible harm or damage caused by their animals to any third party. Excluded from the above mentioned restrictions are the animals that guard and assist people with special needs that may accompany their owners inside the Vessel. The owners must hold the appropriate certificates of these animals.
Camping on Board
Ancona & Venice Routes:
Camping on board is permissible from April 1st to October 31st. Those who travel with a caravan or a camper should check in at least 3 hours prior to the
scheduled departure time. Delayed arrival of a camper may hinder boarding on the open deck. Due to the limited space for camping on board, it is advisable to book well in advance. For safety reasons, cooking and the use of gas or fire by camping on board passengers is strictly forbidden. Please pay special attention to the camping on board instructions available on board. Camping on board is permitted for clients traveling with vehicles officially registered camping vehicles, campers and caravans. Regular cars and/or minibus vehicles are not permitted for camping on board. Any vehicles that are not registered as camping vehicles
will not be permitted for camping on board and clients will be denied access to the open deck.
Camper Special in Venice Route:
The offer is valid for the period from 01/01/14 up to 31/03/14 and from 01/11/14 to 31/12/14. Caravans or campers should check in at least 2.5 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Delayed arrival of a camper may hinder boarding on the guarantee space at the designated area of the garage where electricity for
the Campers is provided free of charge. After departure the garage area remains closed to public. All passengers that use the Camper special offer enjoy the comfort of an internal cabin, class AB4, AB3 or AB2 depending on the passenger's number per vehicle. The offer is subject to availability.
Meals are not included in the price of the ticket.
Personal Belongings:
Passengers may handover their valuables at the ship's Purser's Office for safe-keeping, provided that their total value is under 500€. The Company is not responsible for the loss of money or valuables left in open storage spaces or in cabins. Please, report the loss of any personal item to the Reception Desk on board during the voyage or call the Customer Service Direct Line. After the vessel's departure, entrance to the garage areas is prohibited.
Boarding Procedure/Entry Regulations:
Due to our comply with the security regulations of the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) code, all passengers are kindly required to proceed to the embarkation area, at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. After this time limit, the Company reserves the right to cancel the reservation
with no fare refund. All passengers are required to present their boarding card and a valid passport or ID to the Vessel's authorized personnel. The Company reserves the Company\\\'s rights to deny embarkation to any individual who, according to the best of Company's knowledge, does not appear to possess valid travel documents or fails to prove, beyond doubt, his/her identity. In the event of a fine being imposed on the Company by the immigration office, the amount will be charged to the passenger who failed to provide the proper legal documents. The Company cannot be held responsible in the event that authorities prevent a passenger from continuing his/her journey. In the event of immigration officials refusing entry, the passenger will be sent back to his/her departure place at his own
expense. We would recommend that citizens of all states contact the appropriate consulate for details. Infants and children also require an official document of identification. All persons and all items brought on board the Vessel are liable to be searched. Persons refusing to comply with this demand shall be denied access on board and will be reported to the appropriate port authorities. If a passenger boarded on the Vessel wishes to disembark prior to departure, he/she should take all carrying luggage and/or vehicle. In case of vehicles of all kind, please mind that there is the possibility of being unable to remove them from the ship's
garage due to their pre-arranged parking positions. Carriage of guns, cartridges, explosive, flammable, combustible and in general hazardous material is strictly prohibited.
Currency on board is Euro. Major Credit cards are accepted. ATM cash points are also available (Superfast XI, Superfast XII).
Telecommunications & Internet:
The following communication options are available on board:

• Card-operated telephones via satellite (Hellenic Spirit, Audacia and Forza) and coin-operated telephones via satellite (Superfast XI, Superfast XII). Phone cards can be obtained at the bars onboard.

• The use of personal cellular (mobile) phone during the whole duration of the voyage (service available only onboard Superfast vessels). There are different rates for this satellite roaming service. For any information about the rates of this service, please contact your cellular network provider.

• Internet corner (Hellenic Spirit, Audacia, Forza, and Superfast XI) and wireless Internet connection WI-FI (Hellenic Spirit, Audacia, Forza, Superfast XI and Superfast XII) during the entire trip.

Useful Information:
Each cabin is characterized and offered as 1-bed, 2-bed, 3-bed or 4-bed, depending on the number of passengers that use it, and not the number of beds existing in the cabin, or the (extra) facilities it may provide. Passengers may freely use all public areas of the ships (bars, restaurants, lounges, etc). Sleeping in the
lounges or corridors is prohibited. Passengers should comply with the crew's instructions in regards to the adherence of safety rules and the ship's good operation.

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